Flaccid Agenda

Flaccid Agenda
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Mehbooba Mufti has met Narendra Modi during her Delhi visit. Besides stressing upon and reminding Modi the nature of the so called “Agenda of Alliance”(AoA), Mehbooba has also called for “better” coordination between the PDP and the BJP. The backdrop to the meeting is that the government formed by the PDP and the BJP in Jammu and Kashmir, described by some as chalk and cheese or even “bridging North Pole and South Pole is entering its fourth rather tumultuous year. While the government has held till now, for power political reasons, as neither party seems inclined to disturb the apple cart, so to speak, but the so called AoA has not been adhered to even in form, let alone spirit. In this sense, it would appear that the AoA, was retrospectively in the nature of what is called in marketing as “bait and switch” wherein the BJP paid lip service to it to form the government in Jammu and Kashmir but later did nothing about it. But, since the PDP willingly formed the government, the name of the game later became the survival of the government at any cost. From the so called “mainstream” perspective, the PDP appears to have lost negotiating leverage and merely presided over a government whose centre of gravity lay with the BJP. Now, Mehbooba Mufti, has gone to New Delhi to remind powers that be there about the AoA. Given the backdrop and the context delineated here, it is not clear what this will amount to or even achieve. As things stand in Jammu and Kashmir, the condition here is not hunky dory. There is constant and consistent tension and its concomitant, violent skirmishes, on and along the LoC, the economic and financial condition of the people, especially in Kashmir, is in doldrums and pretty bleak and politically, Kashmir is at such an inflection point whose nature and form remains uncertain and in the domain of the unknown. The administration then sits atop an estranged society. Amidst these bleak conditions, diminishing returns have set in for the PDP whose political space has shrunk considerably in the process. The question is: how long can this condition last? No one can say for sure but the prosaic and sad fact is that the people of Kashmir remain at the sufferance of politics which is growing more bizarre by the day.

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