Fisheries supplies trout seeds to Sikkim from Dachigam farm

Fisheries supplies trout seeds to Sikkim from Dachigam farm
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Director says trout farming an income generating activity

SRINAGAR: Fisheries department for the first time on Thursday dispatched a consignment of Rainbow trout live eggs from its Trout Culture Farm, Laribal to Sikkim.
The department has mostly been supplying these from its project at Kokernag facility.
Director Fisheries R N Pandita hailed the officials managing the farm for achieving greater targets not only to meet the local demand, but supply the same to other states across India.
He said that trout farming was an ideal option for sustainable use of running water resources as both surface and ground waters are suitable for this purpose. In places, where income generating and employment opportunities were less, trout farming could help to ensure employment and sound income there.
The department of fisheries has established above 400 trout units and above 1000 carp units in private sector in the J&K State.
The officials said that the major factor in determining the chance of success for commercial trout culture was location with dependable year round supply of high quality water.
M M Bazaz, Chief Project Officer, Gagribal, Srinagar told that Department of Fisheries has been supplying trout eggs to various states of India for the last two decades especially, to Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, etc. from the trout farming project Kokernag.
He said this year the Trout Culture Farm Laribal (Dachigam) has been able to produce higher number of quality eggs and the target of egg production has been increased. “With the result, for the first time the Trout Culture Farm Laribal has been able to supply eyed ova to Government of Sikkim with the record quantity of 4.0 lac Rainbow trout live eggs to the Department of Fisheries, Government of Sikkim.”
Trouts are known as cold water fishes which survive in the cold water within a range of water temperature 0⁰ – 20⁰ C. The two varieties of fishes cultured by the Department of Fisheries at Trout Culture Farm, Laribal are rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and brown trout (Salmo trutta fario).
Trouts are exotic fishes introduced into the cold waters of Kashmir division by the Department of Fisheries. In 1890, brown trout was brought to Kashmir from Scotland by F J Mitchell and in 1912 he succeeded in hatching rainbow trout eggs obtained from England.
The trout culture till fifteen was mainly confined to the requirement of sport fisheries in stream for angling purposes. The first hatchery of brown trout was constructed at Harwan, but since 1984, commercial scale production became evident and popular in Kashmir by the construction of pilot project at Kokernag and still known as the mother producing centre followed by Trout Culture Farm, Dachigam. Due to their popularity as a sport fish and as a food fish, trout have been widely distributed and are now cultured in various farms of Kashmir and also at high altitudes of Jammu division established by the Department of Fisheries.