Elderly man dies days after surgery, family alleges medical negligence

Elderly man dies days after surgery, family alleges medical negligence
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Srinagar: The family of a 72-year-old man who died last week has accused the city based Khyber Hospital and former director SKIMS Showkat Zargar of medical negligence.
According to the family from Rawalpora Srinagar, Abdul Hameed died due to “callous” approach of hospital and its senior doctor Showkat Zargar, “as they discharged the patient without giving postoperative care following Polypectomy (the removal of polyps from the inside lining of the colon)”.
The family has registered a criminal complaint in police station Khanyar against the hospital and Dr Zargar, who conducted the surgery.
“After the procedure, the patient developed complications and vomited a lot, but Dr Zargar didn’t bother to give heed to our repeated pleas. In spite of my repeated requests, my father was discharged from the hospital though his condition was not stable,” Muazam-ul-Hamid, son of the deceased, told Kashmir Reader.
He said the patient was admitted to Khyber Hospital for a minor surgery on Dr Zargar’s advice, who also conducted the procedure.
“After the surgery, my father developed acute pain during night but Dr Zargar didn’t bother to check the patient. Instead, he hurriedly discharged the patient from the hospital,” Muazam said.
“On February 21, we took the patient to the private clinic of Dr Zargar at Jawahar Nagar where after examining him, we were told to shift the patient to Khyber Hospital again. Despite assurance from him that he will check the patient, he didn’t bother to visit the hospital. Other doctors at the hospital on examination of the patient declared my father dead,” he said.
The family also alleged that the hospital administration replaced the discharge documents and tampered with medical files to cover up their negligence.
“What shocked me more was that Khyber Hospital had changed the content and date of discharge documents. It is crystal clear that the death of the patient was caused due to the pure negligence of Dr Zargar and Khyber Hospital who discharged the patients when he was not stable,” the family said in a complaint registered at Police Station Khanyar.
The Death Certificate issued by the Hospital said that “Abdul Hameed was a known case of Hypertension, Hypothyroidism, NAFLD, BHP with Colonic Polyps. Polypectomy (was) done 20.02.2018. (The) patient brought to Khyber Medical Institute at 6.00pm in a state of loss of consciousness on 21.02.2018. ECG shows asystole, CPR done as per ACLS guidelines but could not be revived and declared (dead) at 06.40 pm on 21.02.2018 at the Hospital.”
Medical Superintendent Khyber Medical Institute, Dr Showkat Ahmad refuted the allegations of medical negligence.
He said the patient was discharged after proper recovery following the surgery.
“His death is unfortunate and shocking for us too because the patient was fine without any procedural complication like bleeding,” MS said.
According to him, the death was not a result of negligence.
“There might be some other complication due to other medical condition which will be clear after the proper autopsy,” Dr Ahmad said.
“We are sure from our side that we have not done anything wrong. But, if the family feels so they should go for the autopsy so that real picture comes before us,” he said.