Time for Ummah to Stand United

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By Wani G U Islam

Since time immemorial, Islam has been the religion of peace and tranquility. And, it is because of this innate feature of Islam that had made it possible for its followers possible to spread the message of Islam over half of the world in very little time Almost No believer those days would harbor any kind of ill-feelings towards the other. Neither did they use the sword against each other like we Muslims at present do. They , in unison, worked shoulder to shoulder in the world setting the eternal example by demonstrating utmost sincerity and sacrifice for Islam and at the same time, left for us such an indelible concept of brotherhood and unity that could hardly find any precedent till the day of reckoning.
Unfortunately, today we see the situation for us has turned topsy-turvy. Everything seems for us upside down. The same word Islam which means peace serves a grim picture of disarray, hatred, violence as a whole and it seems that there is left not a ghost of chance for us to survive with patience, perseverance and fortitude. Nevertheless, this strife within our community, on one hand has rendered the avowed enemies of Islam courageous enough to mock and jeer at us, while on the other hand, we, Muslims are constantly being used as pawns at the hands of super powers and are subsequently crushed to death for one petty reason or other.
Muslims, who were once a single united body of true believers, true defenders- those who set the examples of sharing inherited estate with their fellow immigrant Muslims for just being Muslims -those who were known to safeguard and protect the rights of non-Muslims as well , have unfortunately plunged knee-deep into violent dissension and sectarian divisions despite clear warnings both from Quran and traditional sayings of the beloved Prophet(SAW) to maintain unity and desist from any untoward behavior, like killing of . In the Quran, It is clearly stated that “ Killing an innocent person is equated as if killing the entire mankind”. In another verse, it is stated “And hold fast all of you together to the rope of Allah and don’t generate dissension and factions” (Al Quran 3 : 103). But contrary to this, Muslims of one sect continue to spew venom against the Muslims of other sects and are bent upon dividing the ummah further.
Salafis, Deobandis, Barailvis , Shias and so on even though upholding the fundamentals of the same faith, are at draggers drawn with each other over minor differences of opinions. These differences in the opinions are the very cause behind our disunity in the world. Impinging each other’s faith and conviction with a sense of disdain and disapproval has actually become our political motive.
Prophet Muhammad ( SAW) was sent as a mercy to whole worlds and history is testimony to this fact that he never ever took revenge on anyone but forgave even his staunch enemies. He(SAW) has not only warned us not to unsheathe sword against one another but also directed us to guard the honor of each other and be a necessary element of undivided Ummah . But , one is here at a loss to understand what prompts one sect of Muslims to brag itself as being superior to others despite sharing same belief in one almighty Allah, His messenger(SAW) and His last and final scripture, The Holy Quran ? Why this growing menace of intra-religious intolerance in our community that unreasonably has lead us to be at war with each other? Why our Ulema show reluctance in bringing believers of all sects together on one platform? Even wild animals do remain well bonded with each other in their own communities. But alas! We believers-a special religious community of Allah , are at war with each other.
Enough is enough now; it is high time to fix up all minor and major differences amicably whatsoever. Ulemas of different sects must agree to come closer to each other under the canopy of single united body of Muslim ummah and understand the plight our community at present is going through world over. This bold initiative, once taken by our Ulema, in collaboration with each other, could surely pave the way for creating the global ummah once again on the same edifice that our beloved prophet(SAW) had laid a foundation over 14 centuries ago.

—The author is a resident of Sohipora, Kupwara. He can be reached at: drmjislamguljindal@gmail.com


One Response to "Time for Ummah to Stand United"

  1. Nazhmuddin   May 29, 2018 at 2:39 am

    This is absolutely true. It’s time for our ummah to get united and forget about our old grudges, our infighting is hurting our Islam from the inside while we have enough enemies outside. We should love and protect eachothers like the brothers and sisters we’re supposed to be.