Day of rumours in Hajin over Pakistani militant’s grave

Day of rumours in Hajin over Pakistani militant’s grave
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Hajin (Bandipora): After burying a Pakistani militant with much fanfare the previous day, people of Hajin in Bandipora woke up on Wednesday to rumours that the grave of the militant had been tampered with. Those who went to check said that the grave did not seem to be in the same shape as it was last night. Others said it was “littered” and the decorations on it had been upset. A local who lives near the graveyard, wishing anonymity, said that he heard “various high-pitched noises in the night, which included that of the helicopter”. He said he assumed that government forces had taken away the in the helicopter to Baramulla, where foreign militants are buried by police.
Abu Haris, a Pakistani militant of the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), was buried in Hajin on Tuesday after he succumbed to bullet injuries sustained in an encounter with government forces the previous day. His body was kept by his associates at a graveyard in Hajin for locals to bury.
The rumours of the desecrated grave led to speculations throughout the day in Hajin, to which the internet shutdown clamped in the middle of the night gave much currency.
The police had to issue a statement during the day that people were “requested” not to pay heed to rumours. The police statement said that “certain sections of media mostly on cyber platforms are carrying news related to Hajin in a manner which is not correct.”
“Such malicious campaign indicates designs of mischief mongers to exploit the situation,” the police statement said.
SSP Bandipora, Sheikh Zulfikar Azad, told Kashmir Reader that “everything is cool and calm” in Hajin. “The rumours about the body are nothing but mere speculation,” he said.
Mobile internet services in the entire Bandipora district remained suspended till Wednesday evening.