Sopore’s Adipora village without power for 5 months

Sopore’s Adipora village without power for 5 months
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Sopore: The Adipora village in Sopore is reeling under darkness for the last five months, according to its residents, because of a defunct transformer.
Residents allege the village comprising of about 200 families, mostly poor, are being deliberately neglected by the Power Development department.
They said the transformer of the village broke down in October, bring the village into darkness. The villagers have been running from pillar to post to get the electricity restored, but alleged the officials have been avoiding them.
On Monday, the residents staged a protest demonstration in front of PDD office and alleged the department was adopting delaying tactics in repairing the defunct transformer. One of the protestors, Nisar Ahmed told Kashmir Reader that they are facing immense hardships due to lack of electricity.
“As soon as the sun sets oil lamps are the only option for us to keep our houses illuminated,” he said.
“Our school going children are suffering badly. We are unable to charge our mobile phones even, so how come they will be able to study under the lamps of oil lamps” Nisar added.
Another protestor said that despite recommendations from the “ministry level” that the village should be provided a new transformer, nothing has been done on ground
“We have been given nothing but darkness, which has forced our village to come out on streets,” he said.
PDD officials acknowledged that a recommendation letter has come from the ministry but said “it will be only implemented when the department gives its approval”.