Labeling and Stereotyping Muslims is Bad and Wrong. Here’s Why

Labeling and Stereotyping Muslims is Bad and Wrong. Here’s Why
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Ishfaq Abdullah & Firdous Hameed Parray

In this day and age, the term terrorism is being bandied about cavalierly and careless. Often times, the term is employed indiscriminately to Muslims. The major problem with this is that casual factors are ignored conveniently. Moreover, it is not only the negligence of causal factors, but the wrong use of the term and the attendant labeling of Muslims with it. The question is: Why it is so, when the evidence is contrary to the fact? It is because of the absolute dominance of technology and media through which vested interests have created phobia in the minds of people that Muslims are terrorists. The Muslims being labeled as terrorist are actually peace loving when we sift through evidence but they are being made a scapegoat throughout the world. Western countries are putting every effort to defame Islam and its followers in the eyes of world.
Not only this but the irony is that who support the phenomenon of terrorism and who have acted as brewers of the situation, are seen as peace lovers. The United States is demonstrating terrorism overtly and still the world is turning a blind eye to it. The American aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq shows clear stance of America as an aggressive country. Still its aggression was and is being legitimized. Does this imply that the killing of thousands there is right of America and its bloodshed of innocent people is legitimate? This, in other, words can be termed as legitimized terrorism.
Palestine is burning under the atrocities of Israel. The innocent women, children are put to death using weapons which otherwise should not have even been used against animals. The highest ridiculous thing of any kind done in the world, was giving the Nobel peace prize to a man, who, during his tenure of presidency, put all out efforts to continue bloodshed in Afghanistan and Iraq. This very fact suggests that their terrorist activities are legitimized. France is snatching the civil liberties of Muslims with no one raising voice against it. This again clarifies the legitimization of others in acting cruelly towards Muslims. The Burmese president supported and organized the state terrorism. The killing of Rohingya Muslim women, children and man was rampant there. But, yet, the whole world was reticent to the situation and watched brutality being perpetrated there with naked eyes. The American covert acts of terrorism in other countries, like its interference in Egypt is neglected because it is thought as torch bearer of peace in the world. Same is the case with Syria were the worst humanitarian crisis has reduced the population to half than that of pre-war population and where hundreds of thousands have been killed so far. Most of the people have been forced to migrate which indeed is a greatest terrorist activity as well as a human rights violation. How come, when evidence proves these countries’ involvement, why Muslims are blamed?
If the fact is to be understood, it clearly shows the clash of civilizations is in operation. America, in the guise of democracy, is plundering and looting resources of other countries. The fact is that its acts of loot and plunder have been given the name of peace. Every resource is being used just to spoil the image of Islam and the countries where it prevails. The fact is these countries are having enormous resources at their disposal. To have control of these resources and dominance of culture there, the western and American countries are putting every effort to lay their hands on these.
To sum up legitimization of terrorism has led others to resist it but this resistance has been given black color of terrorism. Islam has neither promoted terrorism nor does it provoke inhuman activities. The fact is that opponents of Islam are afraid of theory of Islam or what we can say about written constitution of Islam, that is, the Al-Quran. A good human being is one who acknowledges the truth. And, the truth is that there are forces out to malign Islam and Muslims. It is about time that we stake stock of the condition and make people understand the real spirit and message of Islam

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