Cross LoC traders protest against TFO

Cross LoC traders protest against TFO
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BARAMULLA: Cross LoC traders on Monday staged a protest against the newly appointed trade facilitation officer (TFO) in Salambad area of Uri.
According to sources large number of cross LoC traders took to the streets staging a protest in front of trade facilitation office Salambad in Uri of district Baramulla blocking the traffic on Srinagar-Muzafarabad road.
The traders shouted slogans against the newly appointed TFO alleging harassment to the traders through ‘different rules’.
The traders alleged that the TFO “banned many of their items illegally because of his own interest”. “Actually, TFO is from Amratsar and he wants a complete ban on the cross LoC trade through this route because he has his own interest in it,” a protesting trader said.
Sources added that protesting traders stopped the cross LoC peace bus service too for some time which later resumed. The traders demand transfer of TFO and lifting the ban on their items, the sources further said. They threatened that if government did not pass the transfer orders of the TFO “we will stop all the trade services through this trade point”.
TFO could not be reached for a comment.