Hawal colony residents want SMC sweepers to clear garbage

Hawal colony residents want SMC sweepers to clear garbage
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Srinagar: Heaps of garbage have piled up in an old Srinagar locality as the residents have not seen sweepers for ages in the area. The accumulation of filth has put the lives of the people at grave risk.
The residents of Mohammadia colony in Hawal said that their children were at high risk of getting infections.
“The authorities seem to be reluctant to clean up the area .The heaps of garbage lying on open roads are causing foul smell,” said Javeed Ahmad, a local resiudent..
People here throw garbage in a park inside the colony. Half of the park remained filled with the garbage. “Everyone throws the residual matter into the park. We know we are doing wrong act but we have no other option. See there is not a single dustbin installed in the area,” he added
He said that the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) sweepers do not accept responsibility for the area saying that the inner part of the colony was not in their jurisdiction.
“This colony is almost 30 years old. We have not seen any developmental work in our colony leave alone sanitary work done by the SMC,” another resident Rameez Ahmad said.
It is difficult to walk outside due to the bad smell emanating from the garbage, he said.
They said garbage piles have increased the population of stray dogs, which is posing a threat especially to children and elderly persons.
Residents of other areas also complained that the SMC employees only arrivce once in a week’s time. “The garbage emanating from the localities is on roads and dustbins are not cleared regularly. Sweeper comes occasionally. On calling, he comes and sweeps,”Gulam Rasool, a resident of Babademb locality complained.
When the people of locality complained with the authorities of the SMC about him, he shouted and abused them.
Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC), Commissioner Riyaz Ahmad Wani told Kashmir Reader that he would take stock of the situation in the concerned localities. “ I will see as to why employee of that ward is not doing sanitation of this colony. If found guilty, strict action would be taken against the employee,” he said.