A New Beginning

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By Mir Umar

With the rising dawn of the new month, we’ll be a carrying a different feeling in our hearts. We are just few days away from that feeling. It will be an awesome moment when our schools will be reopened once again after a long winter break. This feeling will have a different fragrance. For children, it will be great when they will finally return to their schools and meet their friends after a long time.
The dawn of 1st March will be different from rest of the months. The sun slightly rising from the horizon will be an alarm for children to wake up from their drowsy sleep. Their mothers will be back on the struggle. They are too worriedly-happy about the reopening of schools. It’s after a long time when they will prepare their children for the school. Now, they have almost forgotten where they kept the things like lunch box, bag, and shoes and so on of their children for what they are known as administrators.
The rush of school buses and children will be back on the roads. Children would be dressed, one and all in same uniform with cheerful smile on their faces. Same chaos in school classrooms will be back with new trends. Schools will finally find their existence because school without children is a body without brain. Those empty corridors, classrooms, playgrounds, lawns will be abuzz with children once again. Children will be desperate to see their school, lovable friends and their noble teachers. Children will narrate their tales of winter to their fellows as well as to their teachers. Teachers can prove themselves to be noble by listening to their tales and creating a real environment of learning.
Schools are considered to be temples of education. The moment will be amazing for all those children who are desperately waiting for their schools to reopen. It was a huge break of winter vacations. Winter too brought happiness as well as sadness. Children too enjoyed this year’s brief snowfall happily.
Teachers too have a duty. Children can make mistakes but teachers should guide them accordingly. Don’t treat them in a harsh way. If they make mistakes, give them a chance, don’t punish them. Otherwise, their stress and anger will not end. Some will be uncomfortable due to their changed attitude during winters but teachers can calm them down and bring their happiness back on their faces. It will take time for students to adjust in their new classrooms and find their studies critical as happened with us also. But it is the positive attitude of teachers which can erase their fears and create a hope inside them. They are the future of Kashmir. So, respect them. They are tomorrow’s innovative minds. They have new ideas, new vision and new hope in their minds and hearts which has a potential to change the whole dynamics of our nation. They are the new hope for us; the new hope for Kashmir. They will shine like stars if properly guided and looked after.

—The author is a Student of Comparative Literature. He can be reached at: mirumar59@gmail.com