Teachers are and Must Remain Heroes and Inspiring Role Models

Teachers are and Must Remain Heroes and Inspiring Role Models
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Modern society is largely complex and highly differentiated in character. People are graded on the basis of their roles they play in the social market and are valued accordingly. There are diverse social actors like doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers and so on, who make up society. These people are assigned differentiated tasks to execute in a descent manner to cherish the goals of the society.
In every society such form of differentiation is evident. But, above all, the teacher as the builder of nation, features at the top of any given structure of society. The teacher is the ultimate inspiration to build a differentiated social circuit with competent social actors. To highlight the significance of teacher I would like to quote one of the Kashmiri poet’s, Mehjoor, who says

Waav subhuk teh vastad dunveh che kairgar
Waav chu phulrawan gulan teh vastad chu phalrawan dilan


It is clear from the writings of Mehjoor that it is only a teacher who guides us on a rational track to execute what we have and what we want to be. The teacher is the builder of a nation and a respectable figure in every social circuit.
In our society the significance of teacher is degrading gradually due to the hurdles that are created by different organs of society. The teacher has to work within conditions that are imposed not to be created deliberately. The diversified factors that push the reputation of our teachers on back foot are known and need not to be elaborated. The only victim of different political activities like elections and so on is our teacher who attends election duty at the cost of the academic career of students. The teacher is the vital figure of our society who needs to be respected and recognized above all in society. He or she should enjoy his or her position and should be encouraged to engage in academic journeys and allied activities that are devoted to the growth of the students.

—The author is an Assistant Professor at GDC, Pulwama. He can be reached at: bhatsuhail993@gmail.com