Bab-ul-Iqbal gate: Entrance of downtown will reflect Islamic architecture

Bab-ul-Iqbal gate: Entrance of downtown will reflect Islamic architecture
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Junaid Manzoor

Srinagar: The upcoming gateway to old city Srinagar coming up along the Babademb that is all set to be inaugurated anytime soon will feature names of Muslim scholars, Sufi saints along the front arches.
The Phase one of the Bab-ul-Iqbal gate named after Sir Mohammad Iqbal has been completed finally after missing several deadlines over the years. The foundation stone was laid in 2011 and cost for the first phase was estimated at around 1.5 crore rupees.
The gate that reflects Islamic architecture with two massive arches spanning across the two lanes of this nerve road connects the old city with uptown areas.
The gateway constructed on the banks of Brari Nambal near Baba Dawoodi Khaki(RA) bridge has been constructed by Srinagar municipal corporation (SMC).
Executive engineer SMC Shafaat Khan said: “The gateway is an entrance gate to the historical downtown and it will only add to the beauty of the heritage city, ” he said, “Ali Mohammad Sagar had conceived the project to give a different feel to the tourists visiting the historic downtown”.
He added that the work on the project officially started in March 2014, and after the floods in September 2014 it again got delayed.
“Post floods there were issues with the contractor too, however after clearing all problems the work on the project ran in a smooth manner.
“The phase 2 of the project comprises the completion and beautification of all the footpaths, waterscaping of the central verge, further lighting of in and around the gateway. The beautification part will be completed with an additional cost of 60 lakhs,” he said.
The phase 2 will complete only after the Work along Brari Nambal Bank is finished by the Land and waterways development authority (Lawda)”, Khan added.
However, when contacted Raman Upal Executive engineer lake division Ist LAWDA said, ” we are in the middle of the cleaning and purification of the nambal, and it will be hopefully completed by the end of March this year”.