7 employees found absent in Rajouri

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RAJOURI: Seven employees were found absent during a surprise inspection of various educational institutes and health centers in Muradpur, Doongi and Challas area of the Rajouri District.
An official spokesman said that a team of District level officials inspected seven educational institutes and health centres which include GHS Muradpur, GHSS Doongi, GMS Doongi, GMS Jatote, GPS Malikan Khaitan, GHS Challas, GPS Taryote Dehrian, PHC Kallar Chatyar and medical sub-centre Challas.
“As many as seven officials were found unauthorized absent from duty including headmaster of GHS Muradpur, incharge headmaster of GPS Teryot Dehrain, two paramedics of PHC Kallar Chatyar and four staff members of medical sub-center Challas. Meanwhile, six officials were on casual leave, one on childcare leave, one on maternity leave and 16 on deputation. It was also found that one contractual lecturer of GHSS Doongi has not turned up for duties since past one week,” spokesman said.
“The inspection team also found that no movement register was maintained in the offices except GHSS Doongi and GMS Doongi. The OPD register was also not maintained in sub-center Challas after December 18, 2017,” spokesman added.