SSA Teachers: Victims of Illusion and Exploitation

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By Sheikh Gulzar

The blunt mindset of people framing schemes that turn counterproductive has exposed the Intelligentsia working for educational aspirations of the people. A sea of RRTS and Rets find themselves clueless in the system of education that has its roots in the flagship scheme of SSA.
The politicians and legislatures who made VIP visits to handover the orders of selection of these teachers have obviously been venomous, paralyzing the innate traits of these young man to find their future somewhere else.
The exploitation in the name of employment has left infinite families in hallucination and desperation
In addition to this, the MHRD has miserably failed to bring the culprits to justice who plunged innocent teachers in the tunnel of darkness.
Each time, the royal decrees become nightmarish inflicting more pain on the eternally suffering teachers. The law makers who are living in the paradise of fools, feel that their vote banks are safe after engaging teachers in the scheme without feasibility and laid down norms .The bending of rules for promotion, the digression of funds, the mass up gradation and the bureaucratic intervention have all added salt to injuries of victims and fuel to the flames.
This bleak condition is gradually deepening with dozens of emerging contagious issues. The teacher, as the centre of activity, seems withdrawn and indifferent to his or her job being without wages for months together. This antipathy is leading an inspirationless classroom transaction that is going to cost heavily in the future. The winter break is about to conclude and schools about to reopen in a few days. The students with renewed enthusiasm are dreaming of delightful educational atmosphere with their schoolmates and teachers. The weather is pleasant and surely it is going to be highly cordial and congenial schooling environment.
However, the factor that worrisome in balancing this equation is the role of the teacher. The drooped shoulders with brooded faces of these scapegoats appear as an epitome of gloom in the absence of their salary. Their long pending debts, shopkeepers piercing looks, society’s sarcastic remarks and sad family stories look absolutely deplorable and toxic to the smooth educational calendar.
If we want a congenial and conducive academic and educational atmosphere in the state, an out of box solution and inside out approach is the burning need of the time to address the salary issue of Rets.

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