SMC’s waste segregation claims falter on ground

SMC’s waste segregation claims falter on ground
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Srinagar: Even though Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has received the vital equipment for waste segregation, the project has so far failed to take off properly, affecting an important component of the Smart City Project.
According to SMC officials segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste has started in six of the 35 administrative wards including Brein (Nishat), Lal Chowk, Dalgate, Karan Nagar, Bemina and Jawahar Nagar.
However, residents of these localities contradict the claims.
“We never received any volunteer or any instruction from the municipality. We have not received separate dustbins for dry and wet waste,” said Sadia Mir, a resident of Dalgate
Locals at Bemina said heaps of garbage continue to pile up near the trash cans provided by the municipality without any segregation.
“The SMC vehicle collects the waste as it is, without separating it. Waste segregation is a far-fetched thing. They have not even provided us color coded dustbin,” a local resident said.
“If the SMC officials take concrete steps to ensure waste- segregation, why would we not cooperate? Who doesn’t want their locality clean? It is they who made this project a big joke?” another resident said.
Officials, however, claimed to have undertaken door-to-door garbage collection and segregation from residences through volunteers.
Former SMC Commissioner had told Kashmir Reader that door to door segregation would be strengthened to the level where, “every household will have to give their waste to a vehicle which will come at door step,”
Chief Sanitation Officer, Sofi Akbar told Kashmir Reader that people are not cooperating “as well as somehow, we are also lacking. We tell people how to follow the segregation but they cannot follow the procedure.”
“This is a very big mission, we are on it. Segregation is our first priority this year we will achieve our goal,” he said while acknowledging lack of awareness among the people.