Don’t alter seating capacity, fuel kits

Don’t alter seating capacity, fuel kits
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Traffic Police issues advisory for school vans

SRINAGAR: Ahead of the opening of schools after winter vacations in Kashmir valley, Traffic police has issued an advisory to the school bus and van operators ferrying school children asking them not to violate rules.
As per the advisory issued by Senior Superintendent of Police Traffic Srinagar, the driver of school vans should have a valid permit as per seating capacity mentioned in the registration certificate.
The advisory said that the driver should not alter seating arrangements of the vehicle, and should not modify the fuel kit to a gas kit.
It further reads that the vehicle driver should not carry school bags on the roof top of the vehicle, and should keep the vehicle parked in a designated parking place or inside school premises.
The SSP Traffic has also appealed to the parents to verify the requisite documents including the valid driving license of van operators, ensure adequate seating capacity, proper first aid kit, and the vehicle is painted yellow. It further asked parents to look for adequate space for keeping school bag, and check if the vehicle carrying their ward has a fire extinguisher.