We should introspect why pellet victims protest, asks Er Rasheed

We should introspect why pellet victims protest, asks Er Rasheed
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SRINAGAR: Reacting to the protest by pellet victims seeking attention from society for addressing their sufferings, Awami Itihad Party (AIP) president and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Tuesday appealed masses to introspect and understand the message and the lesson from the protest.
In a statement, Rasheed said, “The protest by those blinded for a cause and victimised by state’s brutality is a slap on all of us as we have collectively failed all those who have sacrificed since 1989. The situation has reached to a point of forcing the worst victims of violence take to streets to remind us of our duties.”
“Let every Kashmiri, whosoever and whatsoever his status and stature may be, understand that just emotions, tributes and traditional condolences and condemnations do fetch nothing unless we don’t discharge our duties with sincerity, commitment and dedication.”
MLA said each one of us has been on and often talking about the sacrifices and no doubt these sacrifices are the most valuable assets Kashmiris have to present for pleading their case, but making pellet victims and other sufferers to take to roads should make our heads down in shame.
“The families of martyrs, victims of violence, half widows, a huge number of orphans and now the pellet victims have yet again shaken our conscience and shown us the mirror that we have miserably failed them all,” Rasheed said.
The AIP president said that “without excuses, let every individual, organisation or amalgam, cutting across the political ideology, confess the failure and wakeup in light of the ground realities”.
“Either there should be some collective efforts to help these victims, who are the real heroes or we should stop exploiting their sacrifices,” he said. “The protest by pellet victims has exposed our individual and collective failures and not only leaders but masses must also join heads and hands to rise to the occasion for the rehabilitation of victims.”
Er Rasheed also lashed out at the chief minister Mehbooba Mufti for “misleading” the world community and Kashmiris “by engaging few pellet victims but ignoring that their number is more than fifteen hundred”.