‘Quality elementary education key to shaping students’ career’

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RAJOURI: Education imparted at early stages is pivotal and plays an indispensable role in shaping the future careers of students, Minister for Public Works Department Naeem Akhtar sated on Tuesday.
The minister was addressing a gathering of educationists, academicians, journalists and students at 38th annual day celebrations of Himalayan Group of Colleges under the aegis of Himalayan Education Mission (HEM) Society, read an official handout.
The minister said that education in early years should be accompanied with inculcation of values and principles among the young children. “Learning at the early stage builds a stronger base on which future endeavours in education can be built,” he added.
He further said establishing knowledge-based society should go hand-in-hand with imparting education that is infused with the spirit of humanism and humanistic values.
Addressing the students Naeem Akhtar asked them to be forthcoming and strive for excellence in education. He asked them to “work hard to achieve their goals and said that “only those who work with honesty, dedication, efficiency and vision for progress, leave a mark on the society”.
He impressed upon them to capitalise on the resources and make most of their times, energies and mental capacities., the handout added.