Pampore bar association demands renovation of new court complex

Pampore bar association demands renovation of new court complex
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PAMPORE: Bar Association Pampore on Tuesday held a protest demonstration here against the government for not carrying out renovations and repairs in Munsif court complex since September floods of 2014.
The lawyers accused the authorities of delaying the reconstruction and renovation work of the court complex thus putting the litigants visiting the court complex to inconvenience.
The protestors told Kashmir Reader that the court had been working in a Municipal Committee building at Drangbal Pampore from last four years.
“We have repeatedly requested the concerned authorities to make repairs in the court building, but they never paid any heed to our concerns,” they said.
Lawyers added that they wanted Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to intervene and help them so that the litigants and lawyers would not face any problem in court work.
The lawyers also said that the building is in shambles and people have started to use it for different purposes.
“We have sent many representations to concerned authorities but nothing seemed to move the higher authorities,” said Arshid Ahmad, President Bar Association Pampore.
He added that people usually turn to courts for mitigating their problems but here they are unable to solve their own problem.
He also threatened to boycott courts from March if it is not repaired and renovated soon.
The new court complex was constructed at a cost of over the 3 crore rupees by Jammu and Kashmir Projects Construction Cooperation (JKPCC).
The lawyers also said that they had resisted the construction of court complex in the flood-prone area but their view was turned down by authorities.