Village head, Hindu groups threatening nomadic communities in Kathua: Gujjar activist

Village head, Hindu groups threatening nomadic communities in Kathua: Gujjar activist
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Srinagar: Talib Hussain, the Gujjar activist who has been rallying for justice in the horrific case of rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl in Kathua, has alleged that the village head of Kotah area in Hira Nagar has started profiling and threatening the nomad Gujjar and Bakerwal communities of the village.
Hussain told Kashmir Reader that Kant Kumar Thapa, the Kotah village sarpanch who is associated with the Congress party, is seeking personal details of all nomadic people living there. “Kant Kumar Thapa has visited them and asked for details like name, age and family members,” Hussain said.
Hussain said he came to know about the profiling from several calls made to him and also from a four-member Gujjar delegation from the village with whom he met in Jammu last week. “The delegation told me that the sarpanch is mostly seeking information about their girls,” Hussain said. “Since the boycott call given by the Hindu Ekta Manch (HEM), the threat to the Gujjar community has increased.”
Hussain said that Thapa has given an ultimatum of three days to Gujjars to vacate the area, or else they would be attacked.
Everything happening in Kathua, Hussain said, is being done under a conspiracy by rightwing Hindu groups and the rape and murder of the little girl was part of the same conspiracy. “She was raped to send out a message that if they can rape and murder an eight-year-old girl, they can be much more brutal with adults,” Hussain said.
He said that radical Hindu groups were trying to communalise the entire district by carrying out several activities. “Rakesh Kumar Choudhary, the sarpanch of Bisachack village and also a member of Hindu Ekta Manch, went to Nagpur for three months,” Husain said. “Once he returned, he slaughtered a calf and threw its head close to the house of a person belonging to the Muslim community.”
Kashmir Reader called Hindu Ekta Manch leader Vijay Kumar Sharma to know his version, but he did not respond to the calls.