Low lying power wires endanger residents in Sopore localities

Low lying power wires endanger residents in Sopore localities
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Sopore: High voltage electric wires are running at dangerously low heights in several localities in Sopore, with the Power Development Department (PDD) stating ignorance about the problem.
Residents of Hatishah, Jamia Qadeem, Chankhan, Ningli and Chakrodi Khan localities told Kashmir Reader that that their life is under constant threat due to the presence of overhead high tension wires which touch the roof tops of their houses,
They said that they have requested the PDD to look into the issue several times, as the wires were a threat to thousands of households in the localities.
The wires are hanging barely four to five feet above the ground level and at places can even be touched by children playing or any pedestrian walking on the stretch.
The open wires are a threat to residents with the risk increasing during rains and snow. The transformers too, are at low heights and open, Bilal Ahmad, a resident of Hatishah locality told Kashmir Reader.
Residents of Chakrodi Khan said that they have repeatedly complained to the PDD officials but the problem hasn’t been solved as yet.
The residents appealed authorities to look into the matter “before it’s too late’.
“We live in fear of getting electric shock all the time especially during nights,” a resident said.
PDD officials told Kashmir Reader they had no information about the problem but would look into as soon as possible.
Three deaths caused by electricity mishaps have been reported at the Sopore Sub District Hospital in last six months.