Grieved over protests asking release of accused: KCCI

Grieved over protests asking release of accused: KCCI
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Rape and murder of Jammu girl

SRINAGAR: The KCCI on Monday said it is grieved by the protests asking for release of the arrested persons in the case of rape, abduction and killing of a minor girl in Kathua.
“We as a trade body and being on the forefront of not only trade issues but issues confronting us as a society want the law to take its own course and oppose the demand of the protesters to hand the investigation to the CBI,” KCCI said in a statement. “We want to also bring to the notice of the government not to falter in its resolve of bringing the culprits to justice in the shortest possible time or else we fear it will go out of hand and may get converted into a communal as well as regional conflict between the two main communities as well as two regions,” the trade body added.

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