Apollo Hospital performs Asia’s first simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplant

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JAMMU: Apollo Hospital has given a new lease of life to a 38-year-old man by performing a simultaneous pancreas kidney (SPK) transplant, recently.
An official statement said that mostly SKP transplants are performed from organs harvested from the same cadaveric donor but in this case experts adapt to other strategies to help patients when the allocation rules for the kidney do not favour diabetics on dialysis. Hitesh, a 38-year-old patient from New Delhi, was on such a waitlist for SPK transplant for over 8 eight months. International data suggests that diabetic patients on dialysis are prone to cardiac complications and have a median survival of 8 years if they do not get a transplant in time besides there is 8-12% chance of death every year on the waiting list.
Considering the situation, the team of doctors at Apollo’s Institute of Transplantation, adopted a different strategy in order to shorten the time a patient waits on the list for dual organs. A simultaneous cadaveric pancreas and live-donor kidney transplant (SCPLK), a ‘first of its kind’ in Asia was opted to save Hitesh, the statement said.
The pancreas was harvested from a suitable cadaveric donor from Vellore and simultaneously, the kidney was donated by Hitesh’s wife Supriya. The kidney from the same cadaver donor from Vellore was allocated to another patient at Apollo.
Elaborating the case, Dr. Anil Vaidya, Multi Visceral Transplant Surgeon at Apollo Hospitals, said, “Apollo started their SPK program in 2015 and are by far the busiest transplant centre for this type of operation in India. There are a substantial number of patients waiting for this dual transplant that not only helps them come off dialysis but, more importantly cures their diabetes that was the root cause of the kidney failure. In this case, a suitable pancreas donor became available in Vellore, Chennai.”
“The kidney from the same donor was allocated to our hospital but to a different patient (kidney alone), thus highlighting the failure in the system to identify our patient that required a dual organ. We went ahead and activated the live donor kidney option since the pancreas was from a young donor and was deemed suitable for our patient.”
“Thus with perfect coordination, three simultaneous operations were conducted by the team of doctors at Apollo Hospitals to assure that the cold ischemic time for both the organs was not long,” Dr. Anil said.
This surgical team was led by Dr. Anil Vaidya, Multi Visceral Transplant Surgeon at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.
Supriya Sindhwani (live donor-kidney) and her husband Hitesh Sindhwani are both well. Hitesh Sindhwani is experiencing a life without diabetes and dialysis, the statement added.