Redeem and Reclaim Humanity

Redeem and Reclaim Humanity
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The conventional definition of rape is “sexual intercourse against a person against the person’s consent”. As abhorrent, terrible and odious rape is, it becomes an act of sheer, pure undiluted evil when done to a minor. This evil and abominable act was committed against a flower bud, Asifa Bano of Kathua by an utterly depraved man. The vicious, savage man, An SPO, did not stop at violating the little angel’s dignity but he also drugged and then killed her. The killing was not only that of the little Asifa Bano but constituted a murder of humanity. The sheer nature of act has left society numb with shock and horror and the questions being asked are: who can actually commit this odious crime? Can our society produce such savage, murderous beasts? How is this sheer act of savagery even possible? Is it the problem of society or an individual? Before society comes to terms with this sheer act of depravity and evil, what adds to the tragedy is that a certain section of people in the region have come out in the open, supporting the rapist murderer. The possibility that lends itself to an assessment is that the rapist murderer’s gory act is sought to manipulate for political ends. If little Asifa’s rape and murder constituted a crime against humanity, what category would the support for the rapist murder be in? This is not a rhetorical question but one laden with moral, ethical issues. The gory saga , actually calls for sober introspection by society. But, instead, what is happening is its politicization and communalization. Where society across the region should have been united, it is being divided. In a way, this reflects the depths that politics has plumbed here. A straightforward case, in the sense of incontrovertible evidence against the accused is sought to be politicized. Politics, per se, might or might not be bad, but politicizing issues, especially like the one in contention is immoral and unethical. Little Asifa’s life was snuffed out by an act of sheer depravity. The normal course would suggest that the law take its own course but, given the nature of the crime, justice in this particular case must be expedited, for the sake of Asifa and her family, so that they attain some sort of closure, but also for the sake of the larger good of society. At issue is humanity. What should be done is redemption and reclaiming of humanity; not politicization.

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