Pampore villages without drinking water for years

Pampore villages without drinking water for years
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PAMPORE: Many residents at Andrusoo and Gundibal villages of saffron-rich Pampore belt in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district have been without drinking water from past many years compelling the residents to dig high cost tube-wells in these villages for survival.
The residents alleged that a water supply scheme had been sanctioned for the villages but it has still not been made operational despite spending of lakhs of rupees on it.
The residents of Andrusoo told Kashmir Reader that the scheme was sanctioned to mitigate problems on Pampore Karewa villages but it has failed to serve the purpose.
The scheme, the most infrastructures of which is lying in dilapidated form, has been there since years,” said Riyaz Ahmad, a local resident adding that it has become a nuisance for the villagers.
Haji Abdul Rashid, a resident of Andrusoo told Kashmir Reader that the scheme has been a failure and the constructed structures were occupying land without any purpose.
He told Kashmir Reader that the rich people of the village have dug tube wells and those who did not own tube wells have to beg for water.
“Ten to 15 families have dug wells and installed tube wells in the village with more than 200 families.
The scarcity of water can be gauged from the fact that Ghulam Mohammad
Lone from the Andrusoo village had to sell about one kanal of land to dig and install tube well in his compound.
“I am a poor man who was compelled by the circumstances to dig and install my own tube well,” he said, adding that the tube well cost him Rs 80,000.
The villagers told Kashmir Reader that the water scheme needed to be overhauled and made operational as early as possible.
Executive Engineer PHE Awantipora Division, Ravi Kant told Kashmir Reader that they have submitted detailed project report (DPR) to the higher authorities for approval.
Assistant Executive Engineer, Pampore Fayaz Ahmad Khandey told Kashmir Reader that the scheme had an estimated cost of Rs 103 lakh but the funds could not prove sufficient for the scheme and the scheme had been closed.
“You can yourself see the condition of the OHT and the quarter both are incomplete and the work was stopped due to shortage of funds,” he said, adding that this time they had no funds even for installation of a single pipe.
He however, told Kashmir Reader that they have formed a DPR of Rs 82.40 lakh for approval.
He said the low lying areas of the two villages were getting water from Ladhoo and Wuyan water supply schemes. However, the villagers denied that they were getting water from any alternate supply scheme.