Geelani for jointly curbing social evils

Geelani for jointly curbing social evils
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Stresses youth to integrate Islamic teachings with modern education

SRINAGAR: Expressing serious concern over the “growing immorality, liquor consumption, drug addiction and waywardness”, Hurriyat Conference chairman Syed Ali Geelani said the increasing social evils in state is a matter of great concern for which people should come forward to address the menace.
In a statement, Geelani appealed people particularly the experts, intellectuals and scholars to take serious note of dwindling moral values and serve voluntarily to rescue young generation from going waste.
Geelani also expressed deep concern over the increasing incidents of murder, robbery, waywardness, liquor consumption, drug addiction and other evils, saying, “We have suffered a lot because of political uncertainty during over seven decades old conflict and instead of following the religious obligations and moral values strictly, our community seems going far from the values it inherited from its religion.”
“Our silence and cold shoulder approach to address this problem is further facilitating the social evils in valley,” he added.
Hurriyat chairman stressed on taking care of the young generation and moral values of society, saying the secret of prosperity is the way in which one takes care of youngsters. “The nations that ignore their duties and obligations towards their future can never survive and get rid of age-old slavery.”
In his message to youngsters, Geelani said youth can make vital contribution to the enrichment and advancement of human civilisation.
He stressed upon youth to go for integrating Islamic teachings with modern educational methods and science. He said the young generation should read Qur’an and establish society on valued and moral basics.
Terming the liquor trade as mother of all evils, Syed Ali Geelani in his fervent appeal to religious clerics, intellectuals, journalists, lawyers, educationists, economists and others stressed to play their leading and pivotal role for eradication of social evils and liquor trade from society. Expressing dismay and anguish, the veteran resistance leader said the institutions that could have played role for improving ethical values are facilitating waywardness and other evils in society. “They are instead encouraging youth to indulge in immoral activities. All this is being done to make our society hollow so that we lose our morals, values and traditions,” he said.
“These are the offshoots of forced occupation,” Geelani said. “The ruling elite although devoid of public support are promoting this to remain in power corridors with the full support of their masters in New Delhi.”
Hurriyat chairman in his fervent appeal to people stressed on framing of vigilant committees on mohalla and locality level to check the growing waywardness, and asked to take notice of the situation seriously.
“It is a religious obligation for us to keep close vigil over these immoral activities,” Geelani said.