Prudence. Not Power

Prudence. Not Power
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Power and its use perhaps never ever exist and operate in a vacuum. This assertion is almost in a nature of a truism that is applicable to all domains of life, especially the political. While even ancient history can be employed to illustrate this point, but modern history is also replete with instances and examples that throw into relief the nature of this truism. The example of the United States and the warped employment of its power potential and its actual power has created a disturbance in the entire gamut of international relations and led to world disorder(s). Closer home, in South Asia, it might constitute an exaggeration to state that the entire region is held hostage to the conflict between India and Pakistan, which is reified in the conflict in and over Kashmir. This overarching conflict in the region and its corollaries can lead to regional disorder(s). The dynamic that the conflict begets, historically and contemporarily, is that of escalation, counter escalations, ebbs and flows and then again that of escalation and counter escalation. This dynamic is not only a sure shot guarantee and recipe for the conflict to remain as it is indefinitely, but also the escalatory dynamic can spiral to the nuclear threshold. All this assumes salience and poignancy in a world which is defined by churn and fluidity of a nature where past paradigms, of stability, deterrence or even the practice of international relations are being upended. This, in turn, has implications for local, regional and global stability. Underwriting the escalatory and counter escalatory dynamic between India, Pakistan and Kashmir is power and its use and machinations thereof. Power, in this schema, is employed to either manage or transform the conflict in and over Kashmir. But, this approach has not been salubrious. The conflict in and over Kashmir remains and the larger conflict between India and Pakistan has become more intense over a period of time and as delineated, this condition has the potential to create regional disorder(s). Prudence and sagacity warrants that this dynamic be worked upon and the conflict be resolved. How this can be done is by working on and ameliorating the power dynamic and even taking power out of the equation. The sine qua non of this approach would me to make conflict resolution real in a way and form that redounds to the benefit of all. Any other approach is laden with conflict potential as is evident.

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