Fresh snowfall brings ‘ray of hope’ to farmers

Fresh snowfall brings ‘ray of hope’ to farmers
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BUDGAM: A fresh snowfall after a months-long dry spell in lower reaches of Kashmir valley rekindled a ray of hope among farmers as the state of Jammu and Kashmir has been reeling under acute dry spell from a couple of months.
Farmer community was skeptical about Rabi crop production due to change in forecast and excessive dry exposure that might hit this year’s crop production badly.
While talking with a group of farmer’s about the impact of fresh snowfall in Rabi crops they revealed, “Due to long dry spell in valley some crops damaged entirely, some moderately and even some of lower sowing level seeds died out inside the earth.”
They, however, believed that with the fresh snowfall there were some chances in recovering partly-damaged crops like mustered, wheat crops and newly planted trees and that it snowfall would boost them by hosing and to some extent help farmers in covering basic cultivation costs.
“In Rabi season, crop cultivation is commonly dependent on natural monsoon and fresh snowfall at this juncture may prove very beneficial in preserving crops which got partly affected and in germinating seeds that still lie inside land as of low moisture,” said a farmer, Mohammad Maqbool (53).
He pointed out that due to deficit in the rainfall from last few months in the valley has diluted crop fields into barren land but “now the fresh snowfall would resist partly damaged crops from terminating”.
Earlier, the farmers were expecting timely rains but that did not happen. They waited much for rain to use moist land for sowing various seeds but continuous dry spell compelled them to sow seeds in dry land which resulted in half of the seeds getting damaged right inside the soil, said a group of farmers.