Dialogue with Pakistan necessary to end bloodshed: Mehbooba

Dialogue with Pakistan necessary to end bloodshed: Mehbooba
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‘Will be labelled anti-national by news anchors but that doesn’t matter’

Jammu: Stating that dialogue with Pakistan was imperative for ending bloodshed in the region Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti Monday said the national television news channels were portraying Kashmir negatively, and dubbing leaders calling for dialogue as anti-national.
“There are some media houses that have created an atmosphere where even talking about talks has become anti- national. They hold worst debates with polarised mindset. They bring people from Kashmir who are not even known in their own colonies.
“They always speak anti-India. They are picked up because they use unparliamentary and bad language, particularly against India, and same type of people are picked from the other side to reply to them,” Mehbooba said.
She emphasized that war was not a solution.
“We have fought three wars in 1947, 1965 and 1971 and have won all of them, even Kargil war, but our basic problem has not been resolved,” she said, insisting a solution to the Kashmir question lay in talks alone.
Noting that Kashmiris were losing lives on the borders and in hinterland, civilians or security personnel, she said she was happy that both the opposition and the ruling parties in the state favoured dialogue for conflict resolution.
Recalling her father, the late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, she said the former chief minister always favoured dialogue as a tool to strengthen democracy, which, he felt, was a battle of ideas.
In a tweet later, Mehbooba reiterated her message and said, “I know I will be labelled anti-national by news anchors tonight but that doesn’t matter.”