Medical Supplies Corp turns defaulter, medical dealers stop essential supplies

Medical Supplies Corp turns defaulter, medical dealers stop essential supplies
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Govt removes cao over fund mismanagement

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir Medical Supplies Corporation Limited (JKMSCL) is facing a boycott from the dealers of essential drugs and equipment as they decided to halt the supplies following the delay in their payments for last three years.
The government has also removed the JKMSCL’s Chief Accounts Officer following complaints about mismanagement of funds by him.
On Sunday, the medical suppliers have reacted sharply to the callous approach of JKMSCL in a bid to push for clearance of their outstanding bills.
A leading amalgam of the medical suppliers in J&K told Kashmir Reader that they have stopped the supply of fresh drugs and equipment to JKMSCL as it owes them over Rs 40 crore since 2015 “due to delay and discrimination in the release of payments”.
“The officials of the Corporation have left us in huge debt due to delay in our payments for many years. Now, we have decided to halt essential supplies to them till our payments are released,” said Bilal Ahmad, spokesman of Federation of Medical Suppliers and Traders’ Associate (FOMSTA).
“We have submitted documents including bills and Quality Checks of medicines to complete formality as per the laid procedures. But, officials are still callous in clearance of our bills for payment,” he said.
Last week, the government has removed Financial Advisor cum Chief Account Officers (CAO) of JKMSCL, Ashok Khajuria in a bid to ease out the pressure following the complaints by the dealers about the multi-crore liability in the Corporation. However, the suppliers have decided to go ahead with the decision as the payments were not released despite several requests.
“The Chief Accounts Officer was removed for his unwanted activities and delaying tactics in clearing bills. The payments of main suppliers were held back for many years while as some blue-eyed people would get them released immediately. The discrimination has lead to chaos, confusion and huge liability,” sources said.
According to them, the Finance Minister Haseeb Drabu has also taken cognisance of the issue and asked the Finance Department to change the mode of payment in the Corporation from treasury to bank system.
“The mode of payment will be changed soon to bank system as treasury mode has made the process cumbersome and time-consuming. Medical Supplies Corporations across India work through bank system which makes the payment to suppliers easier,” said an official.
Managing Director JKMSCL, Inderjeet Bhagat refused to comment on the issue.
“I am not aware of the issue fully. Please contact Finance Department because they handle the financial affairs of the Corporation,” he said.