Leaked pipeline floods roads in Wagoora Budgam

Leaked pipeline floods roads in Wagoora Budgam
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Sadam Hussain Pandow

Budgam: A ruptured water line has flooded roadways in Wagoora village of Budgam.
The water pipeline which is feeding water to Wagoora and other nearby villages were laid down three decades back, residents said. Over the years most of the pipes have developed breach and department have failed to replace many of them.
“Water pipes developed breach some weeks before at several palaces and PHE officials repaired some of them, but many days a later, a major burst flooded the streets,” residents added.
The waterlogging has damaged the macadamized road of the villages as well, residents said.
The subway inundated with almost one foot of water is giving residents and motorcyclists a tough time.
“We have closed our main entry gates facing roadside, we are using alternate routes to make entry and exit from the houses,” a resident Mehraj ud Din said. “We approached concerned department many times regarding fixing the leakage but they are unmoved,” he added.
They also demanded laying over of new pipelines for a permanent solution to the problem.
When contacted Assistant Executive Engineer, Mohammad Iqbal Buch, he said, “This leakage happened during the process of connecting it with new water supply. We are leaving no stone unturned to provide relief to the people. We will also fix major leakage very soon.”