Kashmir issue is alive at UN: Maleeha Lodhi

Kashmir issue is alive at UN: Maleeha Lodhi
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NEW YORK: Pakistan’s ambassador to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi has said that Kashmir issue is alive and Islamabad was working hard at the world body in seeking the implementation of its resolutions in Kashmir.
In a meeting organised by the Consulate General of Pakistan to mark Kashmir Solidarity Day, Maleeha Lodhi stated that until the achievement of Kashmir’s right to self-determination, Pakistan will stand by the Kashmiri people.
“The Kashmir issue is alive at the UN and will remain alive until it is resolved,” Ambassador Lodhi told the participants of the meeting.
She briefed the audience about the steps taken by Pakistan for the resolution of Kashmir dispute on the diplomatic front.
Earlier, Maleeha Lodhi, speaking during the Security Council session on the debate on the Middle East, urged the international body to observe the resolutions it had passed on the conflicts of Palestine and Kashmir and to live up to its responsibilities so that people’s faith could be reinstated in the effectiveness of the UN.
Ambassador Lodhi reaffirmed Pakistan’s continued support to the “legitimate aspirations of people living under foreign occupation in Palestine, Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) and elsewhere” and stated that “conflicts have intensified and new dangers have emerged, while in fundamental ways, the world has gone in reverse”.