ReT(s) have become Complacent. They must be Transferred and Rotated Regularly

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By Sofi Yousuf
Renowned educationists of the world unanimously believe that transfer is the most important tool of learning for a teacher which enables him or her to develop important competencies and thus better teaching quality. This is why transfer has been deemed as an important part of the service and is implemented everywhere after due time. Jammu and Kashmir is no exception to this; transfer policy is in vogue since long here and teachers are transferred after every two or , at the most three years, stay at a particular place with the aim that learning capacities of these teachers increase and they do not feel stagnant but for some unknown and illogical reasons this important part of government service has not been extended to the SSA scheme in which more than 50 thousand persons have been engaged since 2000. This has caused more harm to our education sector than it has benefited.
No doubt SSA revolutionized education system of our state to the extent that today our literacy rate is more than 70 percent which was below 50 in 2000. Prior to its launch, the drop out ratio has also declined but keeping teachers for 17 long years posted at a particular place is never justified . The pace of time and challenges of times need to be looked in a broader perspective at the government level to make the system more relevant. But, alas, nothing has been done.
There are reports that most of these teachers particularly from far flung and remotest pockets of state engaged at local level as per the norms of Scheme are not able to do justice with the subjects they teach because of their low qualification and less exposure. Besides, their arrogance, being stationed at particular places for about two decades now ,their negligible exposure and poor teaching qualities are being deemed as a growing to our education system. A general feeling about these teachers is that they never got any chance to introspect their worth outside their villages , mohallas, wards and so on.
Taking benefit of the SSA and minimum 10+2 pass qualification to become an ReT was good and might have been thought a crucial need at some time to make functional our schools but it should have been rethought before becoming a curse. Most of these teachers need to be transferred, at least, within a zone with minimum one kilometers distance at an earliest so that their arrogance of being a local and escaping from the responsibilities of any preparation prior to entering a class room with teaching learning materials ,home work and assignments of diaries and so on-an important component of the SSA-is curbed and they get a chance to judge their worth outside their locality . It is hoped that the Education minister Mr Syed Altaf Bukhari, who seems to be very keen to bring government schools on track of development will take the new challenges of Education and our SSA teachers worth into consideration and ensure all possible steps in a positive direction. Yes, most of the teachers of SSA who were engaged just 12th pass have now attained higher qualifications through distance mode but open learning faults are stuck like a born problem in their minds and is incurable .The only remedy is their transfer from one place to another

—The author is a freelancer and writes for local dailies. He can be reached