Afzal Guru’s hanging reflects ‘judicial bias’ against Kashmiris, says Malik

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Srinagar: Incarnated Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on Thursday termed the martyrdom of Shaheed Afzal Guru as a glaring example of Indian “judicial bias” against Kashmiris, saying Afzal was hanged on the pretext of satisfying the “collective consciousness” of Indians.
While paying glowing tributes to Guroo, Malik said that life imprisonments, curfews, arrests, intimidations and threats will never succeed in breaking the will of Kashmiris and their urge for freedom.
“Great Kashmiri ideologue martyr Muhammad Maqbool Bhat was also hanged without being given a fair trial by the Indian state,” said Malik.
JKLF chairman said that Indian state not only “illegally” hanged martyrs Maqbool and Afzal in Tihar jail, but also denied them a proper burial. “The height of shamelessness of this so-called biggest democracy is that it even disallowed these martyrs one last chance of meeting their loved ones,” he said.
He said that army intimidations and other oppressive measures cannot suppress the voices of Kashmiris, and the day is not far when dawn of freedom will rise on the horizons of Jammu Kashmir.
“Kashmiris will continue their struggle till the desired goal is achieved and till India returns the mortal remains of Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guroo,” asserted Malik.
Calling Afazl as a brave son of the soil who became a victim of Indian enmity towards Kashmiris and was illegally sent to gallows, JKLF chairman said, “Afzal followed father of Kashmiri Nation Maqbool Bhat and kissed gallows without surrendering before the tyrants.”
He said that “the sacrifices of Guru, the oppressive measures, and persecution he and his family faced at the hands of India, is part of our resistance history.”
Same tyranny and repression was faced by Maqbool Bhat and his family 34 years ago, he said.
“Indian rulers who have done this injustice to Kashmiris will have to answer for their crimes according to the law of retribution,” he said.
Meanwhile JKLF has strongly condemned the nocturnal raids on the residence various leaders. JKLF spokesperson said that police also arrested JKLF district president Kupwara Rafiq ahmad War and lodged him at some unknown police station.