Water distribution gates defunct on Pahroo canal

Water distribution gates defunct on Pahroo canal
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Sadam Hussain Pandow
BUDGAM: The callous attitude of the Irrigation and Flood Control Department meant can be gauged from the fact that they have failed to maintain water gate slides for regulating water distribution on Pahroo canal in Budgam.
Water gates that were installed on Pahroo irrigational canal by IFC department a few years back are lying defunct, locals said.
“We have to regulate the water on own as the gates are missing and we have to place sacks filled with sand and soil for stopping the water and its regulation,” claimed a group of farmers. “Earlier the gates not only allowed distribution within less time, but it also managed the water hassle free.”
They also blamed I&FC officials for not repairing the flood gates after devastating 2014 floods despite approaching them many times.
An I&FC official who wished anonymity blamed some local elements for turning them into useless by dismantling the concrete gates and pipes.
Talking to Kashmir Reader, Mohd Altaf Koul, Executive Engineer, Irrigation construction division, Pampore, said that they have already submitted report to authorities for renovation and repairment of all defunct water gates.
Moreover he added that lack of funds on time leads poor maintenance of various water gates and other relevant compartments of this irrigation scheme.