Khag springs dying due to apathy

Khag springs dying due to apathy
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BUDGAM: Once attracting people from far off places with their “curative waters”, the springs of the Khag town of central Kashmir’s Budgam have been losing their glory due to
public indifference and official apathy.
The famous springs at Nara-nag, Mahdi-nag, Pahel-nag, Koreg-nag, and Chondar-nag in Khag and Bate-nag, Zaem-nag at Poshker are polluted nowadays, presenting a nauseating spectacle.
Several other springs including Zemn-Nag, Zargarnag have either vanished or on the brink of extinction.
“Although nature has been kind enough to bestow the town with abundant water resources particularly springs but the people and authorities have proved quite insensitive to maintain this nature’s gift,” a resident Ishfaq wani said.
He said all the springs were facing neglect with no basic infrastructure set up to keep them clean of dust and garbage.
“The springs supply water to a huge chunk of population from Khag and its adjoining villages but the irony is that the springs have always been neglected by the authorities despite being located close to their offices,” Irshad Wani, a teacher said.
He added that the water supplied from these springs is contaminated and can prove fatal for masses.
“The water of Naranag is mostly being used for commercial purposes rather than for domestic purpose,” he added.
“Prior to early 2000, Narian-nag spring used to be a major attraction for both local and outside people but now it has lost its charm and remains dotted with polythene bags and plastic bottles,” said a local resident.
He added that Nara-nag spring, which is rich in minerals, is believed to have curative properties and is considered to be highly useful in treating skin ailments.
“The major spring at Poshker has also failed to maintain the influx it once attracted. Heaps of garbage emitting foul smell are lying all around the Bate-nag spring of Poshker while polythene keeps floating in them. The womenfolk can be seen washing clothes in the springs and the detergents and soap mix additional pollutants to the already contaminated waters,” said another resident, Mushtaq Ahmad.
People say that the springs located in upper portion of the Poshker, popularly Zaem-nag are also in pathetic condition.
“The encroachments on the spring outlets of some area are a cause of concern and the authorities should wake up from deep slumber before it is too late,” said the residents.
“Most of the springs located at Khag have almost been reduced to mere cesspools due to accumulation of garbage and increased human interference,” the residents said.
They added that the springs are in miserable condition with heaps of garbage and plastic bottles lying all around it making it stinking.
“In such a drought conditions the springs need to be preserved because they are the main source of water for us,” villagers of Khag said.