Film on Rehman Rahi’s poetic resistance premieres in Srinagar

Film on Rehman Rahi’s poetic resistance premieres in Srinagar
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Srinagar: A film based on Kashmiri’s well-known poet, Prof Rehman Rahi was on Tuesday premiered at Tagore Hall auditorium amid huge gathering.
The film ‘The Poet of Silence’ by independent filmmaker Bilal A. Jan documents various aspects of Prof Rahi’s poetry and tries to break the myth of some critics that the poet has been silent about mayhem in Kashmir over last three decades. It also highlights the dehumanization that Prof Rahi aimed to counter through his poetry in different times.
“His poetry delves into the progressive realism of modern Kashmir without unnecessary screams about it,” Bilal Jan said addressing the audience at the première.
“The word ‘silence’ in the title of the film doesn’t mean that the poet is silent about the sufferings of people. But, it points at human predicament and fears while the situation is dangerous around his. It works better in many ways. Like Prof Rahi’s has written ‘Maefi Naame’ which is one of his many resistance poems,” he said.
“The inspiration to make a film on Rehman Rahi is his poetry which fascinated me as a student. His poetry brings us to reality than escapism like many modern poets. I have read many Kashmiri poets who have written about human beliefs like Tasawuff and Sufism but Rahi poetry highlights the sufferings of the common man who I think qualifies to be the most influential resistant poet,” the filmmaker said.
The film has been jointly written by the filmmaker and Kashmiri writer, Shafi Shouq. In the 40 minute documentary, Prof Rahi speaks about his inspirations and fears during unrests in Kashmir.
The film is produced by Film Division of India (FDI), a film production house of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. The premier was supported by Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages (JKAACL), Radio Kashmir, Srinagar and J&K Bank besides others.
Rahi, who received Gyanpith award for his poetic collection Siyah Rud Jaaren Manz (Under the Dark Downpour) in 2007. He is the only Kashmiri poet who has received the highest literary honour in India.
Speaking on the occasion, Prof Rahi said the poetry was his tribute to Kashmiri language.
“My poetry is nothing but my humble effort for the preservation of Kashmiri language,” he said.
Rahi expressed his gratitude to the makers of the film and organizers of the events.
The screening of the film was followed by a felicitation ceremony attended by Director Radio Kashmir Syed Humayun Qaiser, President J&K Bank PK Tikku, Editor Urdu JKAACL Ashraf Tak and well-known Broadcaster Satish Vimal, who presented a paper written on the film and Rehman Rahi’s poetry.