Stray dogs roam in frightening numbers in Budgam

Stray dogs roam in frightening numbers in Budgam
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BUDGAM: The menace of stray dogs is assuming an alarming proportion in various localities of Budgam, with an Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme report citing 3000 cases of dog bites from the district in 2017.
Local residents say the presence of too many stray canines on the roads, streets, parks, playgrounds and around water bodies presents a frightening atmosphere.
People returning home in late hours after night duties, and those visiting mosques for night and morning prayers are the most vulnerable to dog attacks.
A number of stray dogs can be seen roaming in parks, water bodies and playgrounds in different commercial centres like Chadoora, Magam, Beerwah, Khag and Chrar-e-Sharief.
Perturbed over the presence of dogs in their neighbourhood, people in Chadoora complained that the concerned department has not launched any effective anti-dog campaign to provide them relief from the increasing number of stray dogs.
Municipal officials, however, said that there is no place to house stray dogs in Budgam district.
“Dog poisoning has been banned by high court so we can’t do that. There is only way- to put them under cage,” said an official.
“The government has proposed a land and assured that a house will be construed this year in Chrar-e-sharief where stray dogs will be kept,” he added.