Geelani thanks Pakistan

Geelani thanks Pakistan
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Appeals Pak to protect Ahmediyas, set example in honouring human rights

SRINAGAR: Hurriyat Conference chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Monday thanked Pakistan and its army for their sustained and determined efforts to support the resistance movement in Kashmir.
“Kashmir nation, which has been fighting Indian occupation since seventy years, is thankful to you (Pakistan) for your diplomatic, political and ethical support. The nation is also thankful to Pakistan Army, its government, and people for all their unwavering unconditional and unflinching support to the political movement of the people of Jammu and Kashmir for the right to self-determination,” said Geelani in his video address on Kashmir Solidarity Day. “We want them to continue this with vigorous campaign at these levels,” Geelani said.
Geelani, who is under house detention at his Hyderpora residence-cum-office, said Pakistan should activate its ambassadors across the world to highlight the Kashmir conflict for immediate resolution. He said Pakistan is a main stakeholder in the dispute whose participation is necessary for any resolution.
Geelani released the video on Kashmir Solidarity Day which was started by former head of religio-politico organisation Jamaat-e-Islami, Qazi Hussain, in the 1990s when armed resistance was at its peak in Kashmir. Since then, the day is celebrated in both Pakistan Administered Kashmir. Marches and rallies were held in PaK on the occasion.
Geelani in his video praised Husain as a die-hard supporter of Kashmiris.
“Today, rallies, marches are being organised on this day. The credit goes to Qazi Hussain who took this initiative. The need of the hour is to work with the same rigour he worked with so that Kashmir issue is resolved sooner,” Geelani said.
He appealed to Pakistan to be united and provide protection to all ethnicities and minority religious groups, including Ahmediyas. He asked Pakistan to elevate the standards of human rights so that it could become an exemplary state in this work.