Those attacking Kashmiris enjoying state patronage: Malik

Those attacking Kashmiris enjoying state patronage: Malik
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SRINAGAR: “Attack on Kashmiris in Indian states and the plight of Kashmiri prisoners is not anything new. Fascist rulers and their abettors are pursuing this policy of hooliganism to intimidate Kashmiri Muslims,” said the chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik on Sunday.
In a statement, Malik termed the attack on two Kashmiri students at Mehandragarh, Haryana as “another example of growing hooliganism” against Kashmiris and Muslims in India.
“When hooligans, goons and assailants start enjoying state patronage, the situation becomes more gloomy and condemnable,” Malik said, adding, “RSS backed rulers in India and their puppets in Jammu Kashmir have adopted a policy of terrorising Kashmiri Muslims in all forms.”
He said the attack on Kashmiri students, businessmen, travellers and families across Indian states is part of the “wicked plan”. “Immediately after such attacks, the so-called Kashmiri rulers and occupational authorities rush to issue statements of condemnation and probes but till now no criminal or assailant has been penalised or even booked,” he said.
JKLF chairman said on daily basis the attacks on Indian Muslims and Kashmiris by “bigot fascist forces” are witnessed and these attacks are the result of the patronage provided to attackers by the present ruling regime of India.
Condemning the plight of Kashmiri prisoners languishing in various Indian jails, Malik said, “Udhampur jail has been turned into a torture centre for Kashmiri prisoners where they are beaten, humiliated and subjected to inhuman treatment on daily basis. For almost three months, dozens of Kashmiris including Bilal Ahmad Sheikh, Khalid Ahmad Wagay, Majid Ahmad Zargar, Fahim Ahmad Sheikh, Raof Ahmad Shiekh, Aaquib Ahmad Sofi, Arif Ahmad Dar and others are being kept hostage at SOG camp Aaminoo Kulgam where they are tortured and humiliated on daily basis.”
JKLF chief said the families of these inmates are worried about the safety of their loved ones. He appealed to ICRC to take note of “this Indian aggression” and try to save the lives of these young and old Kashmiris.
Meanwhile, Yasin Malik has expressed heartfelt grief over the demise of Padma Jamwal, the mother of editor Kashmir Times Prabodh Jamwal.
JKLF statement said Malik called Prabodh Jamwal over phone and expressed condolence over the demise. He prayed for the patience to the bereaved family.
Malik paid rich tributes to the deceased lady for her social works and expressed hope that her sons and the rest of the family will continue working for the betterment of the society.