Dr Qasim incarcerated for his political beliefs: MDM

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SRINAGAR: Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) on Sunday said the Government of India (GoI) and Indian media is “vigorously” propagating against its incarcerated chief Dr Muhammad Qasim for years and are presenting him as a militant responsible for killing of “human rights activist” and “bigot”.
MDM in a statement issued here said there are two main objectives the GoI wants to achieve by such “nefarious propaganda”: “To Justify Dr Qasim’s incarceration of 25 years and mislead the world community in general and organisations and institutions working for political prisoners in particular about his imprisonment and status; and to belittle his academic, religious and mundane services as a scholar in prison, besides being an author/editor of more than twenty books on various subjects .More than hundred prisoners have completed their graduation and post-graduation through IGNOU under his supervision.”
Deeni Mahaz said when Dr Qasim was arrested in February 1993 with his wife and infant son; he was booked under Public Safety Act (PSA). “There is no mention of FIR about any killing in detention grounds. (See book The Crito Page 27). In the month of June 1993, he was asked to sign some papers by BSF, IB and CBI officials in notorious Interrogation Centre (JIC) of Kashmir latterly presented as so-called confessional statement before the TADA court Jammu. (See ‘Truth About My Confession’, ‘The Crito’ Page 69).”
“As it was no evidence, no proof and no witness turned up against the accused, TADA court Jammu acquitted Dr Muhammad Qasim and his two colleagues in July 2001. (For full judgment see ‘The Crito’, Page 31). In January 2002, he was booked under ‘so-called’ PSA and was taken to Talab Tillo Interrogation Centre Jammu where intelligence officials tried their best to motivate him to contest state assembly elections of 2002. On his blunt refusal he was shifted to Kot Balwal jail Jammu, while being under detention, government after challenging their acquittal by TADA court Jammu got him and his two colleagues sentenced for life imprisonment by the Supreme Court of India in January 2003.”
“The Supreme Court of India while sentencing Dr Qasim for life imprisonment admitted this fact that this case is solely based on confessional statement. (See ‘The Crito’, page 60),” the party said in a statement.
MDM added, “Even if we accept this government propaganda that Dr Muhammad Qasim is in jail because he has been declared guilty and sentenced for life imprisonment by the Supreme Court of India, is this not an established government practice in India and Jammu and Kashmir that authorities used to release lifers on their completion of 14 years, on Indian independence and republic days? Why Dr Qasim is in jail even after the completion of 25 years that too when the state review board has recommended his release in June 2008 on his completion of 14 years in prison?”
Muslim Deeni Mahaz said that keeping all these recorded facts into account, it becomes crystal clear that Dr Qasim is not suffering incarceration for being involved in any killing case or he has been sentenced by the Supreme Court of India but purely because of his political beliefs that are unacceptable to the Government of India and their “stooges” in Kashmir.
“By this nefarious propaganda, the GoI through its biased media not only wants to justify Dr Qasim’s incarceration, belittle his academic, religious and mundane services as a scholar in prison but also wants to damage his spiritual and political reputation,” MDM said.
The party statement said the book ‘The Crito’ is available on Muslim Deeni Mahaz website http://muslimdeenimahaz.com.