UP govt proposes use of cow urine to make medicines

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LUCKNOW: After its proposal to make floor cleaners using cow urine, the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to give a push to the use of cow urine in preparing medicines.
“The ayurveda department has prepared eight medicines using ‘gau mutra’ which can prove to be useful in case of liver ailments, joint pain and immunity deficiency,” the department’s director Dr RR Chaudhary told PTI in Lucknow on Sunday.
“The department, which has two pharmacies (in Lucknow and Pilibhit) along with other private units, is preparing ayurvedic medicines using cow urine, cow milk and ghee,” he said.
Elaborating on the benefits of ayurveda, the director said, “Gau mutra is an integral part of ayurveda, and there are eight medicines, which are made using cow urine and other cow products.
In August last year, the Adityanath government had proposed use of cow urine in making floor cleaners.