Jama’at warns of serious results if attacks not stopped

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SRINAGAR: Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu Kashmir on Saturday said Kashmiri students in Haryana were assaulted by “some hooligans belonging to Hindutva fascist organisations” only for being Kashmiris so as to force them to leave their studies unfinished.
“This biased attitude is being observed throughout the Indian states particularly those ruled by the communalist Hindutva organisations who are not even ready to tolerate their co-religionists,” Jama’at said in a statement. “They treat them worse than the cattle and for this reason they are the enemies of Islam which propagates equality of all human beings regarding their status.”
Jama’at said the people at helm should know that Kashmiri students have come to India for pursuing education but the way Hindu chauvinist forces are containing Kashmiris will have serious ramifications if not stopped forthwith.
“These Hindu chauvinist elements have in the past also intimidated Kashmiri Muslims residing in various Indian states in connection with their business or education whereas even in the worst situation the people of Kashmir have protected the Indians in Kashmir and given them all respect due to a human being ignoring all the brutality being committed upon them by the Indian forces.”
Jama’at said Islam teaches us not to harm any innocent civilian in any situation and this fundamental human behaviour is running in the blood of Kashmiris. “We are proud of this etiquette,” it said.
Jama’at has urged the international community to raise voice against “this communal hatred and bias” against Kashmiri Muslim students outside.