Hajin needs a Degree College. Urgently

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By Dr. Falak Fayrooz

Every individual has a right to pursue an education and get educated. Education is one of an essential tool of human being that plays a vital role at every stage of life. It brings wisdom, self-reliance and self – empowerment.
Although, there are 97 established Government Degree Colleges across the state in which Jammu region has 47, Kashmir 46 and Ladakh 4 respectively, but the state Government is going to establish more 17 Degree colleges in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Keeping in view the announcement of the establishment of new 17 Government Degree Colleges across the state, I would like to speak on behalf of the people of Hajin Tehsil of District Bandipora and humbly solicit the administration to establish one Degree College in the area which comes under the “uncovered zone” with regard to the Higher education sector. The Hajin Tehsil is highly populated, having a vast area; it deserves and needs a Government Degree College.
Being a vast and a densely populated with many people, scattered across far flung areas, Hajin yearns for basic facilities and development. According to the Census of 2011, the total population of the said Tehsil was 94,797 and extrapolating from this census, the present population of the area would be more than a one lakh and seven thousand now . It is important to note here that as a Government website stated that there is 39% literacy rate in the Hajin Tehsil. However, despite being an educationally uncovered zone, the area is producing competent teachers, professors and lecturers in different fields who wholeheartedly are doing a great job in the education sector. This indicates and clearly denotes that the area is fertile and brimming with talent, but to nourish it , Hajin needs a modern and technologically advanced Government Degree College.
Tehsil Hajin is a cluster of villages which includes Maqdamyari, Banyari, Chrangpora, Bakshibal, Prang, Madwan, Malikpora, Paribal, Malpore, Saderkot, Saudnara, Chak, Chandigeer, Hakbara, Zanipore, Markundal, Naidkhai, Pushwara, Gundjageer, Bone, Shahgund, Khusurpore, Vijpara, Khomina, Baharabad, Kathpora and so on. The population of these far-flung villages is mostly downtrodden and is unable to provide even primary education to their children. Yes, it’s a dream for them to provide a basic education to their children especially under the prevailing situation of the state; moreover, there are several villages in the Hajin Tehsil where basic and essential facilities aren’t available. Therefore, to bring this “uncovered zone” under well advanced higher education sector , a Degree College that surely will bring new hopes among the downtrodden people of the area is needed.
It is pertinent to note here, that every year near about 1500 students from different villages of Hajin Tehsil pursue their education in different subjects at the Higher Secondary, Hajin. When we look at Higher Secondary ,Naidkhai, which only carries 700-900 of students and in Higher Secondary Ajas , the roll of the students remain near about 900. Moreover, in the education zone of Hajin, there are 20 Higher Secondary’s and 45 Middle schools. So, what is urgently required is a Degree College. Succinctly, Hajin Tehsil, being a fertile area in the field of literature, the arts and so on, the administration should not turn a blind eye towards the area. Let the required be done at the soonest.

—The author is working as Assistant Professor at GDC, Ganderbal. He can be reached at: Falakfayrooz@ gmail.com