Chitragam villagers want job for family of slain poor labourer

Chitragam villagers want job for family of slain poor labourer
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Ayoub succumbed to bullet injuries in January

SHOPIAN: The family of Muhammad Ayoub – who died on January 16, almost a month after sustaining bullet injuries- has no one to take care of them, and villagers want government to help the family with a government job.
Ayoub, a resident of Molu-Chitragam village in Shopian, was a poor labourer, and is survived by his wife and three children.
His treatment for a month put the family under strain and debt.
His wife is a non-local Bengali women to whom he had been married for 17 years.
The family lives in a small house, shared with the family of Ayoub’s brother.
Muhammad Yousuf Mir, elder brother of Ayoub said that the 27 day treatment cost him Rs 1.5 lacs for treatment and surgeries.
“I have no land or any kind of business to fetch the money but it was all borrowed money and Rs 15 thousand given by the villagers,” he said while adding that Ayoub’s family does not have a house of their own.
“I gave both of my brothers including family of Ayoub two rooms from my house, today they were living here but tomorrow it may be my turn to die, then where should they go,” he said.
While several people used to come to their home to console them but in reality they have no one except God to take care of them, he said.
Ayoub had gone to Batmaran-Wanpora village to take part in a funeral of two militants and woman killed in a gunfight that day.
Yousuf said he was heading towards the village but was shot by forces on the way.
Abdul Hameed, a villager said that Ayoib left the world without keeping back anything for his children and wife. “He was a poor man, hardly able to meet two ends of family. Poverty had broken his back and he looked like a 80-year-old,” he said.
Other villagers told Kashmir Reader that the family was always living hand to mouth, and wonder, how they would be able to survive now.
Ayoub has two sons (15, 13) and a 10-year-old daughter.
“His daughter and younger son were studying in class 7th and 6th in a nearby village’s government school and I always saw them with dirty and torn clothes and sometimes had no books and notebooks even when their father was alive,” said Bashir Ahmad another villager.
Villagers want the government to provide a job to the elder son of Ayoub so that the family is able to survive.