In Search of Lost Humanity

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By Zubair Hamid

Pir Vaer – the title of Kashmir (famous for Sufis and hospitality) – seems to have lost ethical dynamism. The social fabric seems to be disturbed, where humans once felt proud to be a unit of the society they lived in, a sense of individualism has dominated collectivism. Gone is the simplicity, the sense of togetherness, the notions of brotherhood and the period of Sezar and Pazar and supporting others out of the way. Where, the question is, our society marching- towards regeneration or degeneration? Humans have lost ‘humaneness’, and humanity has dissolved. Human being was created by Almighty as the premier of the Creatures as enshrined in the Qur’an: “Surely We created man of the best stature” (Al-Quran; 95:4), endowed with both the capacities – right and wrong as the Qur’an states: “And inspired it (with conscience of) what is wrong for it and (what is) right for it” (91:8).
It is a fact that when something of high quality is corrupted it becomes more corrupted than something of lesser quality. In the same way (when) the human being – the highest of creatures – gets corrupted it bottoms out to the level of animals, and takes pride and privilege at the evil doings. The human being has become self-centered hence lost the link with society. Recently, the revelation of murder incident and rapes left humanity contrite. More often, we come to know about those events in our dealings which reflect the dominance of negative attributes of a human being: malice, self-interest, false pretences, selfishness, artificiality, hypocrisy, bribery, and deception. A person for his selfishness is ready to make suffer innumerable people for his own benefit and reaches to the degree of Namrud and Pharoah. The difference between truthfulness and lying is gradually diminishing and they go hand in hand and social morality has become so corrupted that both these entities are sold together in the same shop. Society is governed by anarchy and savagery in the guise of superficial order and humanity poisoning the life of the society where children commit crimes; the youth are in fantasies and the old weeping.
It is time to pay heed to the lessons of morality from Divine Revelation, our heritage, teachings of the great Sufis and regenerate our society on the foundations of belief and ethics; otherwise we will be caught unawares by the forthcoming circumstances. Humans should avoid extremist approaches of materialism and individualism and give up social complacency, and maintain balance (Al-Qur’an; 2:143) between the worldly appetites with worldly morality and ethics. Man uses his faculties heedlessly as if he has to remain in the world forever, rather he should put them in a way that they become the source of laudable morals and means to happiness both herein and hereafter. Family (parents) and teachers need to play their part in the transformation and education of the youth and inculcate social values in them and educate them about their duties and responsibilities towards their society.

—The author is a Research Scholar at the Department of Islamic Studies, Aligarh Muslim University. He can be reached at: