Police office raising wall outside ‘building line’ in Magam

Police office raising wall outside ‘building line’ in Magam
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Residents cry foul


BUDGAM: The residents of Magam in Budgam district are questioning the unequal applicability of building laws in the town after the Sub Divisional Police Office started raising its compound wall outside the building line drawn by the Roads and Buildings department.
The illegal construction has raised eyebrows in the town with people blaming the Municipal Committee Magam of remaning mute to the violations.
“The SDPO office located at the junction of Magam-Pattan vital road few days before dismantled its boundary wall and are now raising a new wall outside the specified building line,” a shopkeeper wishing not to be named said.
Residents said that no construction work is allowed outside this line “specified by the Roads and Building (R&B) department”
“As per government guidelines, for any new construction, reconstruction or renovation, the owner must seek permission from the seven departments including R&B, PHE, I&FC through municipal committee but they (police) have not conveyed or taken permission from any department regarding this,” another resident said.
Another resident, a cab driver, said the town is already congested and traffic jams which lasts for hours originate from the said junction where illegal construction is being carried out.
“It is injustice if a common masses are being barred from construction and police is allowed. Law must be applicable to all, otherwise it is high handedness,” he said.
Secretary Municipal Committee Magam, Syed Bashir admitted that that police has not sought permission from the committee.
“No doubt the police is constructing the wall outside the building line. But it is not a private contractor who must seek our permission first, it is police department who is constructing it,” Syed said.
He added that he had talked to police and asked why the committee was not informed, “but they replied that it is the police housing board which is carrying out the construction.
“Whenever R&B department plans to widen roads and dismantle other constructions after providing compensation to them we will also dismantle it that time,” Syed quoting poilice said.
Officials from Police Housing Board could not be reached despite repeated efforts.