Earthquake impact: Concrete falls on construction crane at Jahangir Chowk-Rambagh flyover

Earthquake impact: Concrete falls on construction crane at Jahangir Chowk-Rambagh flyover
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Junaid Manzoor / Rajah Aasim

Srinagar: A girder of the under-construction Jahangir Chowk-Rambagh flyover slipped off the pillars near Solina due to the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Kashmir on Wednesday.
No casualties were reported due to the fall, officials said.
Blaming the administration of callous approach, construction workers at the site alleged that fixing of girders with flyovers is posing a threat to the commuters.
“This particular girder was lifted two days ago and was temporarily fixed and it slipped because of the earthquake. We are lucky that no one was working at the time, it could have proved fatal,” a flyover construction worker told Kashmir Reader.
Another worker said, “The girders are temporarily fixed at many places from Solina to Iqbal Park. This could have happened at other places as well as the girders are erected up in the night and fixed in the day. Slipping of the girder could have been fatal in nature if it had been on the roadside.”
Director, Economic Reconstruction Agency (ERA), Satish Razdan said the claims made by the workers were baseless and held no value as the incident took place during the girder’s installation.
“The information provided by the workers is false. We had brought three girders during the intervening night of Tuesday and Wednesday. Two of them were fixed while the alignment of the third was under process when the earthquake hit and the girder landed on the crane below. However there is no loss of life. All the safety measures have been taken into account,” Razdan said
He added, “We follow certain protocols as there are four processes in the permanent fixation of the girders, which includes erection, placing, temporary and final fixing. The incident happened while it was being aligned.”
Minister of Public Works Nayeem Akhter told PTI that the girder slipped off the pillar and fell on the crane which was used to put it on two pillars.
“The girder had just been installed on the pillars and had not been fixed yet. However there is no structural damage to the flyover due to the earthquake,” he said.