No way left for Kashmiris to vent aspirations peacefully, says Mirwaiz

No way left for Kashmiris to vent aspirations peacefully, says Mirwaiz
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Srinagar: All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, who continues to be under house arrest, on Tuesday said that “killing Kashmiris with impunity” and severe repression upon them, shows “timidity of Indian state”.
In a statement issued here, he said that Indian politician’s makes tall claims to world leadership, but does not want to resolve the Kashmir dispute, and “instead wants to contain it through its military might.”
Mirwaiz said that this approach will neither alter the fact of the dispute nor will people of Kashmir give up their demand for a resolution in accordance with their aspirations.
“Under the draconian laws like disturbed areas act, (DAA) and armed forces special powers act (AFSPA), forces have been given absolute power to kill at will, with no fear of prosecution or accountability,” he said, adding, even a hint towards these laws and the consequent “mayhem”, is brushed aside by the state arguing that it will “lower the morale of the forces”.
He said such acts are “valorized and rewarded by the government.”
Mirwaiz said that with “killing spree” in Kashmir and severe subjugation becoming the norm, many among Kashmir’s educated youth unfortunately feel compelled to take up arms and resist this oppression and fight for their birth right.
“Space for peaceful agitation for our fundamental political right stands completely chocked and crushed. There is no way left for the younger generation to give vent to their feelings and aspirations peacefully and democratically,” he said.
Mirwaiz said everywhere in Kashmir, an atmosphere of fear and intimidation looms at large. “People feel completely unsafe and vulnerable to the forces whims, even in their homes,” he said. He pointed that the recent killings of two youth in Shopian district and another young boy a day earlier bear this painful fact.
Such killings by forces in Kashmir have become routine since past three decades, he said, adding every day we carry the coffins of our youth on our shoulders and there is hardly any village or lane in Kashmir which hasn’t been turned red with the blood of innocents.
Mirwaiz said while pro-freedom leadership stays caged or in lock ups, we are not even allowed to visit the families of those martyred and mourn with them.
“Such is the height of cruelty,” he said. “With every killing, entire Kashmir is turned into a military fortress. Internet and other communication lines are snapped so that people do not protest on social networking sites.”
Terming the judicial probe ordered by the government into Shopian killing as farce, he said, “They know the reality and outcome of these so-called probes in which not even a single forces personnel was booked let alone punished.”
Mirwaiz said that if the local collaborators have any feeling and conscious, they would have stepped down long back, “but to expect such things from the pro Indian parties is day dreaming. They have equally been responsible for our miseries.”
He stressed that Kashmir dispute is political and can’t be resolved by military might. “New Delhi has to accept the ground realities and resolve it politically. A meaningful and sustained dialogue with the involvement of all stakeholders is the way forward to stop further bloodshed and destruction,” he said.
However, Mirwaiz expressed his heartfelt condolence on the demise of famous religious scholar, Aga Syed Muhamamad Fazullah Mosivi Al-safavi and expressed solidarity with the bereaved family. Mirwaiz termed the death of Aga Syed as a big loss for the Kashmiri nation.