Swachh Bharat hoardings over graveyards irk Bijbehara residents

Swachh Bharat hoardings over graveyards irk Bijbehara residents
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Hoardings carried picture of Bollywood actress

Anantnag: Residents of Bijbehara town are annoyed with installation of “Swachh Bharat” hoardings, carrying the picture of a “half naked” Bollywood actress, right over a graveyard.
Another one, much to the horror of the residents, has been installed right next to the Martyr’s graveyard in New Colony area of Bijbehara.
Vexed with the move, some unidentified people have torn out the pictures of the actress from these hoardings, from at least two sites.
According to reports the hoardings were installed recently by Municipal Committee Bijbehara (MCB) under the “Swach Bharat” mission at several sites across the town.
However, the choice of these sites is being questioned by the locals.
One of the hoardings, as per the locals, has been erected over the boundary wall of a graveyard, just outside the gates of Jama Masjid, in Baba Mohalla area of the town.
“It was obviously objectionable. One it was erected over a graveyard with a half naked Shilpa Shetty over it. And secondly outside the Jama Masjid, so that every person going for Namaz was forced to look at Shetty right before he offered Namaz,” a concerned resident told Kashmir Reader.
Shetty was recently roped in by the union government as a brand ambassador for “Swachh Bharat”.
“Both hoardings, one at Jama Masjid and another at Martyr’s graveyard in New Colony are now dangling damaged without the part which depicted the actress,” another resident said.
The residents seem to be happy with defacing of these hoardings.
“These hoardings over our graveyards were an insult to our dead and more importantly our martyrs. Whosoever has torn these apart was well within his rights to do so,” a resident said.
The Executive Officer (EO) of the Municipal Committee, Abdul Rasheed Teeli, told Kashmir Reader that some of his employees have “foolishly” erected the hoardings at places where they should not have been.
“I will make sure they are removed from such sites and put at some other places,” Teeli said.
Asked if it was wastage of exchequers money Teeli said that the MCB did not spend any money over the hoardings. “They were delivered to us and we just had to make sure they are erected,” Teeli said.